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Sydney Classic And Vintage Show Car Transport Services

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Show Car Towing SydneyOwn a classic Holden, Old Ford or  a beautiful classic Chev muscle car ? Looking to tow a show car to an exhibition or specialty car show in Sydney ? We are a muscle car and classic or vintage tilt tray towing expert in Sydney. Show car towing doesn’t get better than CD towing in Sydney. Read more about our services or learn more about us here

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At CD tilt tray Towing in Sydney,  and because we are car enthusiasts and classic car lovers, we know what it’s like to need show car towing when you want your pride and joy taken care of from a tow to a car show or need a tow from a break down or God forbid an accident . if you have suffered a show car break down or accident you can’t demand less than the best show car towing service in Sydney and CD towing.

Show Car TransportYou can be rest assured, when you leave your pride and joy  with CD Towing, your car will be taken care of with utmost care from its pick up to its delivery point.

No show car in our care has ever been damaged from towing. We understand the love and care that goes into building much loved possessions such as show cars and know what it takes to care of them.

Are We An Insured Tilt Tray Towing Service For Show Cars ?

Yes, we are fully insured to carry out our towing services for show cars. CD towing is not just your average show towing as we obviously tow specialty show cars.

Do We Have The Right Equipment For Transporting Show Cars ?

Like our car enthusiast clients, we have a love and passion for fine automobiles and know what it means to be very careful with show cars. A dent is not just a dent and a scratch is not just a scratch.

This can be all the difference from missing a car show to major repairs on your love and pride. Our show car towing services are precise with the right equipment required to transport specialty vehicles to their required destination. CD tilt tray towing is a fully fledged professional Sydney towing service for all show car requirements. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do We Provide Total Care For Show Cars ?

Show Car Towing Services SydneyYes we do, but what do we mean by total care for show cars ? We bet you didn’t know that CDT is not just a towing service but an overall car care centre for all cars including show cars. If you’ve had an accident in your shsow car and would like to see that show car restored to its former glory, we can help give you back your pride and joy as it was.

Our highly skilled technicians in the panel beating and spray painting industry will restore or repair your ride prior to any accident to a professional standard only CDT can deliver. Yes that is right, CDT is a total one stop shop  crash management centre in Sydney that provides break down towing, accident towing and accident management centre, as well as replacement cars after an accident.

Can You Book In Advance For Towing Show Cars ?

Yes you can. You can call our tilt tray towing service in Campbelltown and book in advance for a set date that you would like to have your much loved pride and joy towed to a car show or exhibition of your choice anywhere in Sydney. Whether it is a Holden Torana, Chev, GT ford, old classic Muscle car, give us a call and talk to us, we love cars and we love dealing with clients that love old classic cars.

30 Years Automotive Repairs And Towing Experience

CD towing have been in the automotive towing and crash management solutions for over 30 years delivering the best towing service in Sydney and much needed show level of repairs from accidents on our roads. If you really want your pride and joy taken care of the right way or repaired the right way, then  deal with CDT for all your show car towing and crash management solutions. Call today

Show Car Towing Services Sydney

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