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Towing Services Covered By Insurance

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Insurance towing services RMS registered road side assistance when you need us 24hrs. Broken down and looking for towing that is covered by insurance ?

Having been involved with accident towing and break down towing for over thirty years, we also provide towing covered by insurance or what some people may know of as road side assistance.

CDT is an RMS registered Insurance Towing Service and registered by RMS to provide towing for insurance Clients.

Do We Tow Your Car To A Destination Of Your Choice ?

Yes we certainly do. If you have had a break down on the side of the road and need urgent roadside assistance, we can be there on call and tow your vehicle to a destination of your choice. We provide the towing element of our services but not repairs on the side of the road. We can gladly tow your vehicle to the destination of your choice at any time during the day regardless of the day or hour.

So if you need RMS registered towing near by in your area where you have broken down or had an accident, we can help. We are an insurance towing service in Sydney and can provide towing in Sydney 24 hrs or for emergency towing on short notice.

Is Towing covered By Insurance Companies ?

Insurance Towing companiesNot all towing is covered by your insurance because you have comprehensive insurance. The majority of our tows and repairs are very much insurance clients. Many cars that break down, although covered by insurance when it comes to accidents, are not generally covered for for towing services. This is an optional service for towing or break down assistance.

It's bad enough having to be left by the road side and be in need of roadside assistance and not know that something as simple as needing a tow in your area or further is not covered by insurance. Towing can be very expensive when it starts to exceed a given area or kilometer radius, especially if it is out of town towing service that you need.

These tows can be rather expensive and if travel out of town, it might be a wise idea to ask your insurance company if your current policy provides insurance covered towing services. It would be best if you asked this question upon starting your application for insurance if your insurance provides cover for towing services.

Who Provides Insurance Towing ?

Most major insurance companies provide towing cover or what is known as roadside assistance. When it comes to roadside assistance, most of the major  insurance companies will have some form of cover that provides insurance for roadside assistance or break down towing if your car can not be fixed on the side of the road.

In many cases, some vehicle manufacturers also provide roadside assistance and if your car can not be fixed on the side, they will organise a tow for break down to the nearest repairer of your choice.

CDT Roadside Assistance

CDT have been in the automotive repair and Campbelltown towing services for over 30 years and provide 24 HR emergency towing in Sydney. If you've had a break down and need towing or just car accident towing, we can be in your area anywhere in Sydney and provide a tow to our accident claims centre or a repairer of your choice.

If you are however looking for highly experienced and established crash repair management solutions, and accident car replacement hire, CDT is a complete one stop shop for towing and crash repair management in Campbelltown. We are not just a Campbelltown Towing Service and we carry a wealth of knowledge when it comes to accident management and towing and provide what we consider to be the pinnacle of automotive smash repairs that take pride in our work and only employ the best in our industry.

Call Now (02) 4626 2053