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Break Down Towing

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Broken down on the side of the road and need towing ? Just like our local accident tow truck service that we provide, we know how it feels to be broken down on the side of the road and be in need of roadside assistance or need a tow fast late at night. Being broken down on the side of the road can also be a slightly frightening experience, especially when late at night and in a remote region. This is why CDT is on call 24 hours with our vehicle recovery towing service.

There is nothing worse than having made plans to go somewhere and you have an un-forseen break down and need a tow to get you off the road. CDT are a 24hr road side service that provides tow trucks for accidents and break downs 7 day a week 24 hours availability. With our tilt tray tow trucks, we'll be at your location in no time and have you towed to your choice of destination and safely off the road and out of harms way


Break down towing

What's The Difference Between Accident And Break Down Towing

What type of tow service you need can vary from a few reasons. It really makes no difference what time of the day it is, it just matters as to what sort of licensing is required for the tow truck that is needed at the time.

How Does Break a Down Tow Work ?

Break down tows are a little different from accident tows but only a license makes the difference. This is typically an individual tow truck license. Break downs on the side of the road from your vehicle having suffered mechanical failure is basically a tow truck service that is based on reward.

Who Can provide Tow Trucks For Break Downs  ?

This is a local service that can be applied and carried out by anyone who actually has a tow truck  and is licensed to do so. Otherwise known as trade .

The tow truck driver however is still required to be licensed and also must apply with road safety laws, consumer protection laws, occupational health and safety laws, and other laws that may take effect with this industry. If you really need a tow in a local area, RSR are there for you with the right licensed tow truck drivers for the job. We are never far away and if you have had an accident, we organise after accident car hire and manage your entire accident with our accident claims management process for you

Who Provides Accident Tow Trucks ?

Accident tow trucks   must be provided by licensed tow truck companies who carry and are licensed with a TOW or HTT number plate. Campbelltown towing companies are all fully equipped with all necessary licensing.

All tow truck drivers who attend accident scenes must be fully credited to deal with removing vehicle involved in accidents safely and carry all necessary equipment for leaving no debris behind on public roads from car accidents such a broken glass or car parts that may have broken off from the accident.

How Much Will A Break Down Tow Cost Me ?

If you have road side assistance with an insurance company and need a tow for a break down, transport for your car to your nominated repairer won't cost you anything.

If you don't have road side assistance, the charge usually works by the KLM rate. If you have any questions about this, please call us to find out what it costs to tow a broken down car. Regardless of costs, we are there to get you out of trouble.

Which Service Should You Use ?

Well that is a simple answer. Use services that are accredited not just for break downs but is licensed to tow in all manner of situations, whether it is a break down tow, or an accident tow, use local tow truck companies that are 24 hours and are equipped for all requirements.

Generally speaking, Towing companies that are are twenty four hours are usually equipped to accommodate all needs when it comes to accident, emergency, or break down. They have the necessary number of tow trucks and tow drivers required to accommodate any situation.

24HR Tow Truck Services. Always Plan Ahead In Case

Before traveling anywhere in your car, it always pays to have necessary details in case of a break down. After all, you never know where your are going to break down. Just the same as you are prepared with a jack and bar for a flat tire, notifying loved ones of where you are traveling,

it is just the same that you should have in your contacts a tow truck company in Sydney and Campbelltown that is equipped for emergencies or after hours in case you break down. There is nothing worse than searching for the right tow service when time matters. Call CDT. We offer ready to go a number of local tow trucks for break down vehicle recovery with complete 24 hour towing services in Sydney.

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