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Accident Car Rental And Vehicle Replacement Sydney

Not fault accident car rentalHave you suffered an accident and are looking for a replacement car ? It's bad enough having an accident let alone hoping to find a car rental service at the same time.

In most cases, this is usually an outside service which you have to organise yourself to find a replacement vehicle after yours is towed to the repairers.

CDT is not just a 24 hour towing service  but a complete one stop shop accident claims management centre that will manage your concerns for you when it comes to getting your car fixed and that includes a hire car while yours is off the road.

Unfortunate situations like this can arise and you suddenly find yourself inconvenienced by another drivers negligence and then need to find a car rental service. So if you are looking for car hire after an accident, whether it's your fault or not, call us, we will help get you back into a car and at the same time manage your entire accident claim.

Do I pay For Car Hire If It's Not My Fault ?

In most cases, accident car hire is usually optional on your policy if you are involved in an accident and need  a car replacement rental if it is your fault. However, this is paid as an optional service should you be at fault but what if you are not at fault and need to rent a car after a not at fault accident ?

Well, being a claims management solutions specialists, we will be able to organise this for you and not have it cost you anything but not all circumstances are the same from case to case and conditions may apply. Please call us to discuss your concerns and to see what your options are on hiring a car after an accident.

What If My Car Is Off The Road For A Long Period Of Time ?

It matters not how long your car is off the road. The biggest benefit when someone else caused the accident is that when you need a not at fault car rental availability, the other party's insurance will cover the expenses as long as it takes to get your car back from our smash repair services. You have complete peace of  mind when you are dealing with the best accident claims management repair centre in Sydney

How Do I Pick Up My Rental Car After An Accident ?

You will pick up your replacement car directly from our repair centre. Once your car is delivered to our car accident claims management centre to be repaired from an accident, we will organise a replacement rental car which will be delivered to our smash repair centre.

This will be organised between the car rental service and our repair centre. Costs will be absorbed between the insurer and the rental company. If you are not fault, then you really shouldn't be the one paying for it.

How Is It I am Not Aware Of Replacement Car Hire From Insurance Companies When It is Not My Fault ?

Insurance companies tend to keep many dark secrets about what they really liable for from the general public. It is not common practice or even a legal necessity for cost expense details to always be disclosed to drivers not at fault in an accident.

This is how insurance companies save money. We however having been involved in the automotive repair industry for decades know what is possible when it comes to your rights for a not at fault car hire requirement, among other concerns as, as well.

Campbelltown Car Accident Rental Services

As it stands, it matters not whether you are at fault in an accident or not, here at CDT, we are your one stop shop for car accident rental services. If you are looking to hire a car in Campbelltown after an accident, call us today. We wont just give you a car but we will take care of the entire process of you looking for towing in Campbelltown, to repairing your car and to car hire. We  are your one stop shop accident management company in Sydney