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RSR is a family owned business which was established 30 years ago in 1978 from modest beginnings. Since then we have built a reputation as a family business in Campbelltown that always strives to deliver excellence in every sense of the word to all our clients who choose to only have the best accident claims company take the entire process of a car accident, and turn it into a simple and painless process, from the tow, to a replacement car after an accident, to your car being delivered right back to you in one piece.

We are still at the same location - 10 Hollylea Road Leumeah Campbelltown. We have not yet moved and are not planning to any time soon either. We have a history in Campbelltown as one of the best panel beating and spray painting centre that stems back as far as 40 plus years ago and still do to date.

Since Eddie Ciantar first created Reno Smash Repairs we have evolved into a major vehicle repairer that delivers only the best possible results and are always thinking of new initiatives to make the customer journey through an accident as painless as possible. Whether you need a towing service in Campbelltown to car rental after an accident, we are here to help.

Reno Smash Repairs is now one of the largest vehicle repair organisations in the Macarthur region of NSW with 49 years experience in the industry under Eddie's leadership.
The Management Team
Eddy Ciantar

Eddy Ciantar was born in Malta in 1944.

After starting in the motor trade as an apprentice panel beater at 14 years of age with a company in Parramatta, Eddy progressed into building the family business now known as Reno Smash Repairs and has established a legacy for his family to carry on well into the future.

Eddy is still involved in decision making along with third generation Ciantar family members brother and sister team Dianne Coleman and Rodney Ciantar.

Dianne - strives for continual improvement in quality of customer service
Director - Dianne Coleman:

Dianne deals with administration, finances, insurance and customer relations and has over 20 years experience in this field of business dealings and quality cutomer service.

Dianne is on the “Front Line”, she is first person you will meet on entering the premises, she is an expert in insurance claims, and company dealings.

Her passion is quality service and her goal is to offer the best service possible.

She says -

"Call me, email or SMS. You don't need an appointment and I will always find time to to discuss your problems and suggest the best options"

Director - Rodney Ciantar:

Rodney is the operations manager with 23 years experience in the automotive repair industry.

Rodney started his apprenticeship as a vehicle painter in 1985.
He won the “Work Skills Olympic Gold Medal" in vehicle painting in 1988.
Was a part time TAFE teacher in the vehicle paint field.
Manager of Reno's Smash Repairs in 1998.
Became a Director of RSR in 2002.

Quality work is without doubt his forte along with an immense pride in Reno Smash Repairs.

Rodney is responsible for the technical aspects of this excellent repair facility continuing to enhancing RSR's excellent reputation established by Eddy. Driven by passion to exceed expectations and deliver on results, Rodney is the heart and soul of the every day workshop operations of Reno smash repairs

Rodney quotes
Rodney - a big fellow with the soft heart and a burning passion to get the best job for you
Here are the key staff members you are likely to come into contact with at RENO's Smash Repairs

Brad Davis - Tow Truck Services

Brad Ciantar - Manager

Accident Repair Warranty

Our sucess in the accident repair industry and being a well established centre in the Macrthur regions has allowed us to invest in the very best and latest equipment required to repair vehicles to the best standards that is possible, so that you, our customers only receives the very best possible repairs to your vehicle.

We return your vehicle back to its original condition supported by a lifetime warranty on insurance work.
Quality of service is our goal

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