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Emergency And After Hours Towing Sydney

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Need an emergency tow in Sydney ? CDT is, the a Sydney 24 hour tow truck  specialist. With after hours towing, we are the 24 hour road side assistance experts that come to you when you most need us in a time of need. Also, we are registered as an RMS  insurance tow truck provider.

There is nothing worse than needing a break down tow in Sydney in the early hours of the morning and not being able to find towing fast. Even more dangerous when you are broken down in an unfamiliar area and frightened of where you are.

Being an RMS Insurance towing service should give you that little bit more comfort knowing you are dealing with one of the best tow truck services in Sydney and Campbelltown. Providing break down and accident tow trucks at all hours of the day is what we cater to.

Just look at some of our qualities about our business

  • 7 days a week 24HR Call out break down and accident service
  • Car replacement hire
  • Professionally dressed and uniformed drivers
  • 100% guaranteed stress free experience when you deal with CDT
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Complete and total one stop shop accident claims management centre

If you need a  service near by and rather quickly, we prioritise break down situations. If you are in a precarious situation and feel vulnerable, we will dispatch the nearest tow truck in the area and get you out of trouble.

What Happens When I call For Emergency tow ?

When you call our emergency tow truck services, you will be asked some questions about your situation.

  1. Your vehicle make and details – You will be asked about your car's make, model and registration and whether you've had a break down or accident so we can send the relevant tow truck to the scene.
  2. Your current break down or accident location – The best thing you can do here is to provide an exact address which will give us exactly where you are. Sometimes your own GPS will provide address details or a Google app on your phone..
  3. Your own personal details – Including your name and phone number.

Once all these details are collected, we will then dispatch the nearest tow truck to your location of break down or accident.

What Do I do Until Emergency Services Arrive ?

Until the truck  arrives, turn on your hazards to alert other drivers so an accident is not caused. If you can, move your vehicle to a safe location out of harms way and if you don't feel safe, stay in your vehicle with locked doors until our break down or accident services in the area arrive.

If you've been involved in an accident and need emergency services, first call 000 to get the necessary authorities and then call  (02) 4626 2053 for our emergency services.

Who Are We As CDT ?

Emergency towing services sydneyCDT stands for Campbelltown District Towing and we operate as a total service in car accident claims management solutions. Don't let Campbelltown ward you off that we only service Campbelltown. As a tow truck service, we can provide  services in  Sydney as a whole to who ever is in trouble and requires emergency assistance. We are fast and prompt automotive service that won't leave you stranded for long. Our tilt tray tow truck operators are ready to roll at a phone call away and can usually gain access to all areas to get your towed to a repairer if your choice.

CDT isn't just a breakdown and accident service either but a complete accident management centre that provides complete crash management solutions to private customers and fleet necessities.  We have been around for more than thirty years. Read more about us and our services.

Using CDT for your tow truck needs will give you comfort knowing you are being looked after by an RMS registered service and total accident repair management services. We are the professionals you need that will take care of your ride, whether it's an every day car, a show car or you' just need a tow in Sydney, deal with CDT. We are the leaders in automotive care and you will not be disappointed when you need a tow near by in an emergency.

Call Now (02) 4626 2053